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Queses Likely

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I went to London on Friday and came back yesterday (Monday). I always forget how much I dislike London till I go back. I don’t think I could ever live there again. I’m too used to the peace and quiet of a country town, people having time to smile and say good morning, going into stores and workers having time to exchange a few remarks. In London, people barely look at each other, let alone nod or speak.

As for the traffic…. well, in our small town we think think it’s a major traffic jam if there are 10 cars ahead of us at a junction! Of course, in bigger towns here in south-west England, there are traffic jams, pollution and busy people but not on the scale of London. Our closest cities are Bath, Bristol and Salisbury. Only Bristol is really big because it takes about 30 to 50 minutes to travel from the outskirts to the centre, depending on which way you come in and the traffic.

On the way home last night, there was a major accident on the motorway causing the police to close both carriageways. It was obviously very serious because the air ambulance came to take the casualties to hospital. It took 2 hours for the motorway to open. Luckily, I had a newspaper and a book to read but I was desperate to go to the toilet so we went into the next service station.

We got home very late but at least we arrived safely unlike the people involved in the accident so I don’t moan about the wait or long delay.


Since I last wrote about Squidoo, I’ve done some new lenses. They are:

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The Chocolate & Butterscotch Brownies is a recipe and is done in aid of charity as part of the Bake Sale Group – all the lenses in this group support charity.

The Lensography is a complete list of my lenses, sorted into subject. I’ll just keep adding lenses to it as I do them.

I wanted a change from travel lenses so I thought I’d start on food and drink. It was prompted by reading about the charity bake sale and doing the brownies recipe for it. The lens about sugar is a factual look at the use and characteristics of sugar – no recipes. With Tea – Black or Green? I’ve covered the history of tea and then indulged into some nostalgia of high teas of my childhood. I’ve also described a typical ‘English afternoon tea’.