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Child Cruelty – Local Council Apologises

I didn’t want to write anymore about the case of Baby P because I find it immensely distressing and I can’t get out of my mind what that poor child suffered and how alone and distressed he was. That’s before I even think about the pain.

Yesterday a member of the ruling group of the local council, councillor George Meehan, apologised at a meeting. He said, “There is no failure to apologise in full by this council, we do so unreservedly.” When asked if he apologised personally, he said, “I have no problem saying I personally apologise.”  Now read more



Posted on: June 29, 2008

I hear that Mugabe is declaring a landslide win in the so-called election in Zimbabwe. This man either lives in his own fantasy world or thinks he really is fooling people in spite of evidence to the contrary in the international press.

At least Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Tutu have come out clearly and spoken against him. I wonder if that will have any effect on Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s president. I understand that in Africa Mugabe is seen as a liberator from colonial rule but with annual life expectancy for men and women in Zimbabwe now around the mid 30s, government thugs killing, beating and terrorising people, hyper-inflation and starvation, how can African leaders, particularlyly Mbeki, not take a stand against Mugabe? This is especially important for the country’s neighbours who are having to cope with an influx of Zimbabwean refugees.

How has Mugabe come to this point where he isn’t moved by the suffering of his own people when he was once hailed as their saviour?


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