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Here at Help for Small Fish in a Big Pond we concentrate on what’s easy, effortless and effective for smaller sites with very little (if any at all) budgets for advertising and promotion.

We are a meeting place for beginners to get help from more experienced members and for experienced members to share their knowledge with beginners. We swap ideas, ask for advice, give each other a hand with facebook, stumbles, diggs, mixes etc and generally support each other to maintain good visibility amongst the giant sites out there.

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I’ve finished a Squidoo page about Chester, covering the history and visitor attractions. I’ve updated the New Forest lens a bit more and also the one about Dartmoor.

I really love doing these lens. I’ve spent the last 7 years producing large content sites with hundreds of pages each on one subject. I love being able to do just one page, even if it is a very long page with lots of different modules on it. I just don’t have the drive to keep updating large sites now. Maybe it’s because it’s a long term proposition and I probably don’t have long left.

I’ve spent nearly the whole day updating and changing two of my Squidoo lenses – Enjoy Visiting London and The Importance of the New Forest.

I got my courage up and went on the Squidoo Forum and asked for a critique of the New Forest lens. I’m pleased to say that the only suggestions I got were to add more pictures so that’s what I’ve done today. Here’s one of them:

new forest england hampshire pony england uk

I added a new module to the London lens called The Da Vinci Code in London and some more pictures.


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