Stazjia’s Commentary

Rain, Storms and Floods

Posted on: September 5, 2008

This really has been the most dreadful summer. It has rained so much and we’ve had so few sunny days, it’s been really depressing. Apart from a few days at the end of July, with all the rain and strong winds, it’s been more like autumn during August and this weekend is even worse.

It’s raining heavily and there are gale force winds over much of the country. Already there are some floods in Wales. There is a report on the the TV news that a mother and baby had to be rescued from their home in Wales because flood water had risen to 5ft. As rain is forecast for the next few days so flooding is likely to get worse and more widespread.

While it’s depressing here, we should spare a thought for people in Haiti who are suffering from severe floods and mud slides caused by Hurricane Hannah. The UN aid co-ordinator has just said that up to 600,000 people there might require assistance. There are already reports of 130 deaths.


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