Stazjia’s Commentary

New Wellies and Pests

Posted on: August 16, 2008

May2008 Blue Joules Wellingtons

Originally uploaded by CarlYnot

How sad I am now. The biggest thrill of the week is buying a new pair of wellies (wellington boots). They are bit like the ones in this picture.

When we moved house in March, somehow my old wellies got lost and I’ve ruined a pair of shoes taking the dogs for walks in wet grass. I thought it was ridiculous and finally got round to buying a new pair before my shoes fell to pieces and I got trench foot.

That’s what country living does for you – a highlight of your week is new rubber boots!

Another delight of early morning walks with the dogs is seeing all the slugs in the grass on the common. It’s been an exceptionally wet summer this year and every morning, the grass is covered with them. I hate slugs but I detest treading on them so I miss the birds, butterflies and wild flowers because I have my eyes fixed on the ground trying to avoid stepping on a slug.

The other thing I hate is when the dogs get ticks. I don’t like trying to pull them off in case their heads get left behind so I spray them with a tick killer. They are so disgusting and repulsive. They start of really small, in fact it’s easy to miss these parasites, but they swell up as they feed on the dog’s blood.

We can tell it’s a cool summer, we’ve had no dog fleas at all (touch wood). That’s something else I hate. As soon as I see a flea, I start itching every where. I treat the dogs before they get them at the start of the summer and again if I see any. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people who haven’t bothered and the fleas jump out of the carpets as people walk past – uggghhhhh.


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