Stazjia’s Commentary

New Squidoo Lens About The Historic City of Bath,

Posted on: June 28, 2008

The Pulteney Bridge Across the Avon in Bath, England

I’m about three quarters the way through a new lens called The Historic City of Bath, England. The trouble about doing a lens on Bath is there is so much to cover. Of course that’s a good thing too because at least I’m not scratching around wondering what to write about and drifting into irrelevancies.

I’ve written about the history of the city from before the Romans to the present day – that took 3 separate modules. I’ve covered the Roman Baths, and The Fathers of Bath, ie John Wood the Elder, Ralph Allen and Beau Nash. I’ve got a list of museums which I’ve got to add to plus put in site links.

The remaining areas I’m going to cover before saying it’s ready and join groups are:

  • Bath Abbey
    Pulteney Bridge
    Parks in Bath
    Jane Austen’s novels set in Bath
    Shopping in Bath
    Useful Information
  • I should finish these by Monday if I keep my nose to the grindstone!


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