Stazjia’s Commentary

21st June – The longest day of the year

Posted on: June 21, 2008

This is officially the first day of summer and here in England it’s raining again. Yesterday I had to give in and put on a sweater because it was chilly. It really isn’t at all summerlike here and from now on it’s downhill with nights getting shorter – oh joy! Of course Wimbledon Tennis starts on Monday and that’s the English equivalent of a rain dance.

Right now a lot of people here are having a tough time with the credit crunch. Banks aren’t lending money, people can’t get mortgages to buy a house and those people who took out fixed rate mortgages for a period of years and now have to renew them are in big trouble. Many properties have gone down in value so people can’t get the same value mortgage. They probably have no choice but to sell their houses. House repossessions are increasing and more people are going bankrupt. Inflation is increasing and pensions aren’t going as far as they used to especially when it comes to fuel and heating. Then today a government minister tells us to stop moaning because we are all so much better off than we used to be. Talk about being out of touch!


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